Held International Seminar in Collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia and Asean Lecturer Community

STIE NU Trate Gresik – In the context of international cooperation activities, STIE NU Trate Gresik held an International Seminar which took place at Wijaya Putra University. This activity was held on Saturday, August 13, 2022. This activity is in collaboration with several well-known universities in Malaysia, namely Putra Malaysia University and the Asean Lecturer Community International Organization as well as several other universities, namely WIjaya Putra University, STIE PENA, and Merdeka University Pasuruan.

The topic of this international seminar is Assessing the International Diversification Activities of Listed Firms: Evidence from Developing Markets.

This activity is carried out to carry out the international cooperation that we are currently doing with Overseas Campuses. It is hoped that this activity will be carried out regularly in the coming years and STIE NU Trate Gresik can add to collaborative activities with various campuses abroad and from various countries.

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